Residents of Gaza city and its northern environs should immediately heed the Israeli military’s calls to keep heading south, the Israel Defense Forces has warned.

“Follow our instructions – move south of Wadi Gaza,” said Richard Hecht, a spokesman for the IDF, during a press briefing on Saturday, referring to a rivulet that cuts the Gaza Strip roughly in half.

The IDF has said it would refrain from bombing two roads heading south, one along the coast, and the other main thoroughfare, called Salah ad-Din Street, for six hours on Saturday.

But Hecht declined to answer questions about a convoy that appeared to have been bombed early yesterday evening, killing dozens of civilians, including children, according to video from the scene shared by witnesses.

The Gaza interior ministry, run by Hamas, said at least 70 people were killed, all civilians.

Hecht said Israel was hunting Hamas leader Yahyeh Sinwar.

“That man is in our sights – he a dead man walking.”

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