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David Ochwangi (Founder & Chairman)

davidDavid is a founding member and Chairman of AKDOi President of the DCG, Inc. With a can-do attitude and big dreams Mr. Ochwangi is responsible for the strategic leadership and management of the organization. His desire to “restructure the Diaspora economy” as he puts it, propelled him to push the boundaries into the unknown and cofounded AKDOi to establish a platform to build a truly advance the Diaspora’s agenda. He believes in a strong economically, socially and politically competitive Diaspora that will propel economic growth of emerging markets of East Africa and beyond as well as positively influence the governance of Kenya. He is a strong believer in the tremendous opportunities that the African continent offers to those who seek and seize them – especially Kenya’s Diaspora.  He chairs the Executive Board, Investments and Strategic Committees.

David Lives in Atlanta with his family. By profession, he is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Finance. He has many years of Accounting and Finance experience spanning over more than 18 years in various Corporate Management roles and private practice.

Dr. Juliana Mwose (Founder & Secretary)

julianaDr. Mwose is a co-founder of AKDOi and a devoted champion of Kenya’s Diaspora. She is in charge of organizational operations. A strategist and scholar, she is a proud Kenyan Diaspora, who has lived in the United States since August of 1985. Dr. Mwose brings her tremendous business acumen and devotion to Diaspora welfare to AKDOi. She is motivated by the opportunities that are ours for the taking in the continent of Africa which is the next global economic frontier. She has established great intercontinental relationships in both the US and Kenya that are pivotal in driving business success.

Dr. Mwose is a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) from Valparaiso University, Indiana and is currently teaching Nursing Leadership to Baccalaureate students and Evidence-Based-Practice to doctoral students at Saint Mary’s College at Notre Dame. Her professional interests include health promotion and wellness of the community and her current projects include holding healthcare fares for Kenya Diaspora in her home town of South Bend, Indiana, medical missions to Kenya and serving as a board member of a team that is working on building a world class health care system in Kenya. In addition, she serves as a health provider for patients with lung disease for Pulmonary and Critical Care Associates of South Bend, Indiana.


Jacob Ongaki, PhD. (Communications Director)

jacobJacob is passionate about the Kenyan Diaspora community and is committed to its success. In addition to his expertise in articulating our interests, Jacob is also passionate about education. He is PhD in Financial Management and possess MS in Finance, MBA, and BS Accounting degreed programs. Jacob brings more than 10 years of financial and operational experience in mutual fund investments, accounting, taxation, and shareholder distributions within the financial industry. Additionally, he is an educator with several ears of experience as a professor of Finance at various universities. His specialty in mutual fund involves taxation/investment and financial analysis. Jacob believes that every $1 dollar must not lie idle but invested to maximize Firm vale and create value to stakeholder while optimizing efficiencies and providing excellent customer experience.

Jacob leverages his financial background experience to focus on Accounting and financial data analysis and operation research for strategic decision making purposes within finance, accounting, and research related roles. Jacob lives in Dallas, Texas with his family.


Mary Wamaitha Nderitu (Director – Membership Services)

wamaithaMs. Wamaitha is a result driven executive with over 10 years’ cross functional experience in client interface and relationship management, project management, diaspora-banking, business development & portfolio growth. She is passionate about helping Kenyans living abroad invest back at home. She believes that Africa’s Diaspora boost the continent’s prosperity and can help shape its economic future. Wamaitha has worked in the Management team responsible for Diaspora Business development for some of the major banking institutions in Kenya where she implemented diaspora banking strategies, drove marketing initiatives that enhanced customer satisfaction and retention, offshore agent recruitment, performance and engagement while ensuring operational efficiency and service delivery. She previously worked as a Project Management Consultant for a 4 country Swiss funded programme aimed at ensuring food security in Africa.

Wamaitha holds a bachelor’s degree in finance and accounting. She also has a Graduate Project Management Professional (PMP) from University of Phoenix. She resides in Jacksonville, Florida with her family.


David Obino  (Community Liaison)

obinoDavid has over twenty years of retail management experience and as community outreach liaison. He is passionate about the Kenyan Diaspora

and advancing customer-centric and interface with clients and affable approach saw organizations’ customer base grow in double digits year over year. David has a passion for the Kenyan Diaspora community and has organized several community focused organizations in Atlanta, Georgia and across the United States including the Kenyan Community in Atlanta, the Association of Kenya Diaspora Organizations, Inc. (AKDOI).

David doubles as the Liaison and outreach director to advance the organization’s business and community narrative to our audience. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his family.


Jean Ayacko (Director – Public Relations)

jeanJean is a community builder known for her staunch support for the Diaspora community and advancing its common welfare. She is also strong leader in sustaining strong coalitions as exemplified by her leadership role in the Diaspora Women movement in North America, Kenyan Women in the USA (KWITU). She is the also the Chairperson of the Charity department of KWITU Inc. Through KWITU Inc. Charity, Jean is able to advance her mission in life including giving back to the community. Jean’s other passions include mentoring, encouraging and inspiring. She particularly loves to speak up for the disenfranchised. Her experience and passion for the community and excellence in entrepreneurship is sure to help propel the organization to greater success.

Jean is a graduate of Binghamton University, NY with a BSc. Nursing. She is a Charge Nurse at the Houston Methodist Hospital, Texas. During her free time she loves to travel, read inspirational books and spend some quiet time with God.


Gladys Griffin (Director – Administration)

gladdyGladys brings a wealth of experience in organizational structure and administration. She founded and managed several organizations including KAWACO Foundation, a 501 c 3 non –profit organization that empowers women & Children in Kenya. The organization also supports the Children’s orphanage with essential supplies.

She is also a Research analyst in Administration & Finance who has worked with fortune 500 Companies as well as with insurance Company, guiding individuals towards the right investment decisions via data gathering and recommendation.

Gladys holds accounting degree from the University of Rajasthan, India. Currently working on her second Degree in Finance & Real Estate from the University of Arlington. She lives in Dallas with her family.


Angie Mugo (Director– Community Outreach Services)

angyAngie Mugo is an experienced organizer and leader who firmly believes that the diaspora is an excellent asset for sustainable economic development in Kenya and Africa at large, with solutions to drive smart trade, investments and enterprises back to Africa, while assisting, improving access to global markets and increasing capital investment flows. Angie is especially passionate about socio-economic empowerment of women and youth in Africa. She desires to impart and equip the youth to gain an international perspective and promote an innovative entrepreneurship mindset. She lives by the creed, “If not now, when? If not me, who?” which she applies to launch and manage various projects in the diaspora and Kenya that foster youth development and facilitate education.

As Director of Community Outreach Services her organizational skills and background are instrumental in growing membership and supporting our strategic goal or revitalizing the Diaspora economy as a whole. Angie also serves as the Director of State Affairs and Assistant Director of Charity and Mentorship for Inc., non-profit, and admin for Kenyan Women in The USA (KWITU), an exclusive forum comprised of over 10,000 women. Angie currently lives in Washington, DC Metro area with her family. By profession, she is a Registered Nurse and educator.


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